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Alnemer Recruitment Office

Who We Are

Other chambers, the Office of the tiger is licensed by the Ministry of Labor under License No. 3801582 specializes in bringing employment offer integrated solutions to bring human cadres to suit customer needs, according to the regulations, the laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

Our vision

We are working to provide distinguished services to meet the needs of the labor market, human cadres in various areas from different countries,Review, follow all applications on a daily basis with the applicant to ensure the quality of the services provided

Our Goals

We aim to provide leadership in the field of recruitment agents, focusing on the importance of loyalty between the customer and us. Attention to the views of clients and deal with it seriously. And the department of labor in accordance with the standards and laws of the Ministry of Labor

Specialise in providing mediation service, we receive customer requests to bring employment, according to the conditions and requirements of employment, as authorized by the Office of the work

We provide the trained labor through coordination with foreign offices of the States authorized recruitment agencies, according to the terms of the suit customer requirements from different business sectors, we provide different professions according to the requirements of the labor market

We provide employment for the various occupational fields of interest of the clients in individuals (Home Employment - jams - cooks -- a guard. drug drivers - farms - cook-Home Nurse ), the Office also offers a distinct customer service through customer service staff who follow the customer requests

Al Nemer services other chambers

The target groups.


A doctor


Domestic workers


A nurse


A driver